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Frequently Asked Questions

We thought you might have some questions about the campaign. Here are some of the answers.

What is the vision of the church?

Harvest Point envisions being a church that multiplies by making thousands of disciples through the transforming of lives and communities by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We see a church where people recognize their value to the kingdom and are operating within their giftedness.  Where men and women desire to live out God’s purpose for their lives while growing together in authentic community. Where transformation is commonplace and those broken by life’s circumstances find peace, healing, and restoration.  Where forgiveness is expressed and hope is renewed.  A church where children and students have a committed community of believers leading them to passionately pursue God in their youth.  Where sharing the love of Christ is contagious and our positive impact on our local community and abroad is undeniable.

What is Project Next?

Project Next is the building campaign for Harvest Point Fellowship Church. The theme for this campaign is Building for Our Future. Since the launch service on February 16, 2014, we have seen tremendous growth, and in order to live out the mission and vision God has given His church, we have been praying and planning our next steps. In September 2015 we assembled a Project Next team to lead this initiative. After spending the first months of 2016 in prayer as a team and church, we have been working diligently to layout the plan for our next move.

Who is on the Project Next Team?

The Project Next team is composed of about 15 volunteers, who also are all members of Harvest Point. These members have expertise in the areas of commercial real estate and construction, finance, legal and project management. The committee meets quarterly to delegate tasks, review updates to financials and review potential property sites and construction plans. The goal of the committee is to ensure effective communication to the church body, research and employ reputable vendors/financing and operate within the framework of a realistic timeline and budget.

– LaMonica Orr-Love, Project Next Director

Why is the theme for Project Next: "Building for Our Future"?

The theme Building for Our Future speaks to the desire to have a long-term presence in our community; our commitment to preaching the Gospel, teaching the Word and reaching our world; and our vision to see the transformation of lives and communities by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This project allows us to make a contribution that will affect generations to come.

Why build?

Grow Deeper

Our vision is to be a church of multiplication and discipleship.  We are embarking on a building project so that we can grow with the vision God has given us for Harvest Point and beyond. We do not want a bigger building simply for the sake of being bigger church, but for the sake of the mission and vision of our church, to the glory of God.  We look forward to expanding our children and student ministries as it will give us more opportunities to utilize various teaching methods and settings; from small groups lessons, creative space and age based worship opportunities. We also seek to have additional space for adult small groups, fellowship opportunities, and a worship space that will not only assist in creating an atmosphere of intimacy but can accommodate our growing church.

Good Steward

Pearland is a growing community and because of this it is expensive to be a renter in this area.  We certainly counted the cost before we leased our current facilities and we knew that we would need to be intentional with starting a building campaign by the end of 2016. The new facility will help Harvest Point have a long term presence in the community and invest in our future as a local church.  Our current space has been what we needed for this season and we look forward to this next phase.

Reach People

We are thankful for the many Gospel-Centered churches located in and around our community.   As one of these churches, Harvest Point wants to not only be in the community, but a part of it.  We believe that God is still sending people to our local church and we are preparing for the harvest.

What is the vision for the building?

To build a facility that will assist in discipling 500 families, including a worship center that seats approximately 500-550 people, ample space to lead 400 children and students, and intentional space designed to encourage fellowship with opportunities to deepen relationships within our local congregation.

Where are we looking to build?


We have closed on on a 7 and 1/2 acre plot  of land on Garden Road.  This property is 7 miles east of our current location, located at 2450 Garden Road, Pearland Texas 77581. Thank you for your generosity!


How long is this project?

This is a three year project that is divided into two phases.

Phase I: includes raising capital, identifying/purchasing land and eventually paying off the mortgage of the land within that period. Phase I will last approximately 18 months, ending in March 2018.

Phase  II: will consist of planning and raising capital for the construction of the church. Phase II will last approximately 18 months, ending in August 2019.

We expect to begin construction of the church at the end of Phase II or when the down payment goal is reached, whichever occurs first.

What is the Project Next financial goal?

The goal for Project Next Building is $450,000.00. We have broken this campaign up into two phases. The first phase will go from October 2016 until March 2018. If we need to make some adjustments to this goal based on land equity, cost of construction and down payment requirements, etc, we will communicate those changes by the end of the first phase of this project.  The funds will contribute to down payments, loans, surveys, drawings, etc. and will add to our liquidity. Bank financing will cover the bulk of this purchase with some help from our operating budget.  It should be noted that the mortgage payment for a building four times bigger than our current location (based on current market rates) will be almost equivalent to the rent payments for our current two leased spaces.

Click here to see how funds have been used so far. (Updated as of 02/08/2018)


What are the expectations for those who may contribute to Project Next?

We are asking every member of the church do three things:

  1. Attend our worship service during September as Pastor Scott teaches in preparation of the official start Project Next on October 2nd 2016.
  2. Prayerfully seek the Lord and ask Him how can you participate in this project.  We would meet the Phase I goal if 300 people gave at least $89 a month for 18 months.  We recognize that not everyone can give the same amount of money, but we can all give sacrificially and generously. To aid in this process, we developed a graphic with a tiered approach to help people see the kinds of gifts needed to accomplish the goal.


  1. Pray that the Lord will use this project for the glory of Jesus Christ and that future generations will be impacted by the Gospel of His Kingdom.


How do I contribute?

Every family will receive a Pledge Card. Everyone is asked to make an 18-month commitment on Sunday, October 2nd, 2016. We are hoping to start off with an offering that will propel us to move forward with our building plans.  To complete your pledge card online, please click here. Keep in mind, we realize these commitments are made in faith. If your circumstances change, you can contact the church office for help in adjusting your commitment to the campaign.